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Kiran's Typing Tutor

Developer Kiran Reddy

Kiran’s Typing Tutor is a handy program that can help us improve our typing speed and accuracy, whether we are beginners, or ...

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

Developer NCH Software

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is a handy typing trainer and testing utility that will help you improve your typing speed ...

KP Typing Tutor

Developer Fonlow IT

KP typing tutor is an easy-to-use yet effective typing tutor program which reduces the tediousness of learning how to type on a keyboard accurately ...

BCC Typing Tutor

Developer 341Mac

BCC Typing tutor is free software for typing tutor, multi language support, 24 lessons, static speed. Easy to loarn how to typing after ...

Professor PC - Typing Tutor


This program lets you learn how to typewrite correctly in an easy and fun way. It has an attractive interface ...

Letter Chase Typing Tutor

Developer D R Software

Letter Chase Typing Tutor is a typing tutor for Windows. It is a very complete app that aims at helping you understand the layout of a computer ...

GS Typing Tutor

Developer Grass Software

GS Typing Tutor is a comprehensive application that includes all the necessary tools to improve your typing speed and accuracy. It helps you ...

TypeFaster Typing Tutor

Developer Analytical Eye Software

Typing Tutor is a simple, but effective piece of software which teaches keyboard skills, designed primarily ...

Rapid Typing by Typing tutor labs.

Developer Typing Tutor Labs

With this application you can improve your typing skills. Main features: - Beginner course. This course helps to learn the position of keys ...

MaxType LITE

Developer AskMeSoft

MaxType LITE Typing Tutor is a free typing tutor for Windows. This program allows you not only to test and practice your ...

Solo Typing Tutor

Developer ErgoSolo

Solo Typing Tutor allows you to increase your typing speed. Its main goal is to teach you ten-finger touch-typing in order to ...

TypeMe Fast Typing Tutor

Developer OrioASoft

The teaching methods included in this typing tutor are designed to help you improve your speed using ...

KAZ Typing Tutor

Developer kaz

KAZ Typing Tutor teaches you how to type faster using the touch-type method. The program fixes the need to wade through ...

Bengali Typing Tutor

Developer Rubel Ahammad

“Bengali Typing Tutor” is an application developed for you if you would like to learn/practice typing in Bengali. This “bangla ...

Catchysoft Typing Tutor

Developer CatchySoft.

Catchysoft Typing Tutor is a flexible and easy to use touch typing tutor which enables you to improve your typing ...